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Let us Build African Businesses from the Bottom-up.


How Investing on LoyaltyHub Works

Hold for the Long-term (If investing in Start-up)
There is no secondary market and it’s hard to price or re-sell your interest in a start-up. You typically may hold on to your investments until there is a return.

There are Rewards for Investing
Most businesses raising funds on LoyaltyHub give rewards in form of products, points, gift items and discounts.

The Money goes to the Business
Your money helps businesses scale and create good jobs, not lying in a savings or investors wallets that do not create long-term value for people.


Benefit from Crowd-purchase
Businesses on LoyaltyHub also raise funds by crowd-selling their items before or after inventory is stocked. Most businesses doing crowd-selling gives discounts and sell below normal market prices.

Facts behind the Figure
Each company builds its own community. You can help by investing and joining there fund raising campaign.

Fees and Reporting.
We charge 6% from funds raised: 4% as cash fee and 2% as an investment into the start-up. From our 2% investment, start-ups are allowed to pay a financial reporting company a sum to prepare and report their financial performance (either quarterly, half year or annually) to investors. All reports would be sent by emails.

You Can Raise Funds for Your Business or Project.