About Us

About Us

LoyaltyHub is a marketplace that gives people the opportunity to contribute financially in businesses that they love. Businesses and individuals can contribute and have a return in all types of industries: Technology, Agriculture, Food, Fashion, Properties, Entertainment and others.

On LoyaltyHub, businesses with cash flow can raise funds by giving a percentage of their revenue over a period of time to contributors; while start-ups have the opportunity to call for funds by giving some ownership of their business to contributors.

Businesses also have the opportunity to carry-out crowd-selling of their items at reasonable prices by either offering delivery to the buyers or providing a location for pick-up.

In addition, Individuals with projects that are meaningful and with clear returns can raise funds as well on LoyaltyHub.

If you have the skill, a good team and a big ambition, we can help bring your mission to life.



Our Mission is to maximize the use of collective wealth for the long-term growth and development of businesses.


The Problem to be Solved

  • Start-up funds is hard to find and investors are focused on businesses already showing good Revenue and Traction.

  • Interest rate for doing business in Nigeria and Africa is high (over 20%) and equity funding is scarce thus limiting the ability for SME’s to Scale, Grow and Create Jobs.

  • Lots of cash moving around without corresponding value addition to the society.


Our Offerings

  • Offer ordinary people, not just investors the opportunity to invest in businesses around them.

  • Help businesses get quick help in the areas of developing financial statements, building their business profile online, setting up a team with mentors, and turning their customers into investors.

  • Giving Start-up’s the opportunity to raise seed and growth funds through Regulatory Crowdfunding.

  • Helping SME’s solving business problems in sectors with large market size and opportunities raise funds for growth.