Refer and Earn


Earn Money on Your Schedule and Time.

Get Paid to Help

Get up to ₦200,000 for each qualifying company that fundraises on LoyaltyHub.

Helping Founders is Fun

It’s super satisfying helping founders get the money they need to expand or grow.

Your Schedule. No boss.

Work when you want, where you want. Treat it like your own business.

We’re on Call to Help

We’ll give you all the info and help you need to be successful.


What Does a Referrer Do.

Referrers find great businesses in their cities and help them fundraise. You’re part of Nation Builders, helping more entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.

You’re the boots-on-the-ground: an expert on your city and the go-to-person when founders need advice. You’re responsible for helping decide whether crowdfunding is a good fit, leading them through legal and financial disclosures, and helping determine the best terms for investors/contributors. You’ll also help business owners come out with a bang on Day One of their campaign—if they can achieve 25% of their minimum target on the first day, they’re almost certain to succeed.

And don’t worry, we’ll be happy to teach you first.



How much experience do I need?
What will I need to learn?
What kind of training do you offer?
How will I be evaluated?
What kind of companies are a good fit for LoyaltyHub?
How much work is it to on-board a company?
What is the best way to meet companies?
When do I get the referral fee?
Is there a limit to how many businesses I can refer?
Do you accept any business?
How do I share in the business profits?